NostalgiCards Special Offers

NostalgiCards has produced a few other concept/test cards. Here are a few of them along with all of our other currently running promotional card offers.

The Steer Trek Laff card was done as a contest entry for a "create your own trading card" contest in a 1995 issue of the Wrapper. This card was done as a parody of the Star Trek Leaf cards produced in the late 1960's. Only 650 cards have been produced. Each card is hand numbered and signed by the artist. You can order this card through this special offer.

Galaxy Goons combines great artwork, humor, and virtually every popular sci-fi subject currently collected today to create something that is sure to become a classic. Check out the Galaxy Goons page for a special promo offer.

Morbid Monster Cards combines great artwork and humor with one of the most popular subjects on trading cards: MONSTERS! Check out the Morbid Monster page for special promo offers.

More Morbid Monster Cards continues the theme of the first series with all new characters and artwork. The second series should be available early 2001 with superior art and graphics. Check out the More Morbid Monster page for special promo offers.

This was our 2000 Santa Christmas Promo Card that was sent out FREE to all our supporters. There are just a few left of these, you can get one from this special offer.

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