Contest Winners

We have been running some contests and giving away uncut nine card sheets of the promo cards. Each sheet is signed by all four set contributors and numbered of 50. (At the shows, people entered a random drawing for the sheet) Here is a list of the current contests and past winners. Congratulations to all!

Monster Con
Oct 2-3 1999
Winner: Dave Alianiello
Philly Non-Sport Card Show
Oct 15-16 1999
Winner: Joe Shugart
The Wrapper
Contest ended Dec. 10th
Winner: Susan Lynch
Non-Sport Update
Contest in the January issue
Winner: Aaron Booton
Mail promotion drawing 3-31-2000
Winners: Julie Balk, Jeff Bradley, Ray Brogan, Daniel Campbell, Dick Dahlquist, Jeff Kee, Andrew Litavecz
Mail promotion drawing 4-15-2000
Winners: Martin Casa, Eligio De Le Garza, Stephen Dunn, Joe Hendrickson, Anna Hixon, Bernie Mertes, Greta Peterson, Kent Williams

Check back here for future contest announcements!

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