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Galaxy Goons is now shipping! This is a very limited release with less than 300 "test" boxes created. Each box has an original sketch card by the artist randomly inserted in the 24 pack box. Check out the Galaxy Goons section for further information on this series and how to order your boxes.

Morbid Monsters Series II (More Morbid Monster Cards) is also shipping now! This is also an extremely limited series (only 300 24 pack "test" boxes produced). With each box purchased you also get tons of extras including exclusive promotional material available only with the boxes. We have also added a randomly inserted original sketch card as well as a special collector binder. Check out the More Morbid Monsters section of the website to find out more about this series as well as how to order a box.

We are proud to announce that we are currently shipping our roller coaster trading card set called "Coaster Cards". This has been a top secret project we have been working on since the fall of 2000. The set contains 81 cards plus a bonus motion card of the Magnum XL-200 from Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. There are 75 coasters from 36 different amusement parks from around the world as well as some special cards. We will also have some FREE promotional cards available so check out the new coaster section of the website for more information.
The Coaster Cards have been our best seller! Hurry, only a few sets remain.

"The Fantasy Art of Michael Bruinsma" has been postponed. You may see this series sometime in the future. Unlike most fantasy art series, these will actually be story cards. Each illustration will include a short story on the back of the card about the illustration found on the front. This series is also very limited. Only 1500 total factory sets will be produced, some of which will be available in a special "test" box. See the "The Fantasy Art of Michael Bruinsma" section of the website to find out more about this exciting series as well as how to reserve sets or boxes or send away for some FREE promotional cards.

Most everyone knows by now that we did the "Gummie" card for 2000 for Non-Sport Update Magazine. Many of you may not have noticed that Morbid Monsters Series I actually came in second place for most creative set of 2000 (edging out Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Reflections). A special thanks goes out to everyone out there who voted for us. Being a very small producer of cards it's nice to know all our hard work is appreciated.
At the end of 2001 we recycled 1,500 of the original 2,500 box run of Morbid Monters Series I because of tax reasons. We were sad to see them go, but this will make the remaining cards even rarer! Thanks to all of you who supported us!
As of August 1st 2003 - we are completely sold out of Morbid Monster series I cases and boxes. Thanks again to all of you who supported us!

A special NostalgiCards fan appreciation/internet promo is now available. This special card will only be distributed over the internet or to supporters who have either bought products directly from us or who have taken advantage of our promotional card offers that we have run in various publicatons. Check out this special offer to see how to get yours.

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